The Higher Education Transformation Network (NPO 116-851) is an independent Alumni Association and network of graduates from various higher education and further educational institutions across South Africa committed to increasing equitable access to higher education to eliminate socio-economic disparities through education. We are a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) established in February 2011.

We believe that socio-economic development of vulnerable sections of South African society is possible through high impact programme interventions, skills development, focused research and capacity development to ensure a fair society that is more accessible to the marginalized and the poor; thorugh democracy, non-racialism, redress and the elimination of socio-economic disparities through education.

We are committed to ensuring the advancement of South Africa and communities in which all South Africans prosper socially and economically with improved economic opportunities for all through access to higher education.

The primary mission of the Network is to ensure the transformation of the higher education sector as well as empower graduates and unemployed youth for active economic participation through high impact programs, viable partnerships and research.

The Network attains its strategic objectives through lobbying, providing policy advocacy and promoting quality research output in collaboration with government, tertiary institutions, private sector and development agencies to improve access to and quality of higher education. The Network celebrates its 10 year anniversary since inauguration on the 12th February 2011 with a rising alumni membership, increased programme footprint and social impact in South African society.


We are committed to the transformation of the higher education sector to increase equitable access to higher education, knowledge, skills and learning to ensure:-

What We Do

We believe in lifelong education and training to meet national and transnational priorities of South Africa in the context of the global knowledge economy. Our policy stance is that since public institutions of higher learning are funded at taxpayer’s expense, public higher education must serve the interests and objectives of the South African nation. We agree that institutions of higher learning should be autonomous, however this does not mean that such higher education managers are not accountable to the SA nation that establishes and funds them. Institutional accountability should therefore not be perceived as an erosion of institutional autonomy, as long as institutions strive to achieve overarching national strategic objectives of the Republic of South Africa.

Join us to ensure higher education access for all communities.